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GATE Premier Solutions Makes Strategic Acquisition & Increases Offshore Marine and Construction Services

GATE Premier Solutions completed the acquisition of THE KANE KOMPANY, INC., formerly owned and operated by Gary Kane.

THE KANE KOMPANY provides data records to the offshore oil and marine construction industries. The Kane Kompany’s core business is supplying personnel with expertise in diving, offshore oil and marine construction. The personnel provided are comprised with the ability to write project technical procedures, evaluate contractor capabilities, put together bid packages to be sent to the contractor, evaluate bid proposals on technical and economic merit, and manage projects on a day to day basis.

With the acquisition of The Kane Kompany, GPS aims to be the preferred partner when providing diving and offshore oil and marine construction staffing solutions. Our objective is to assist in the delivery of knowledgeable, focused, and skillful personnel within those offshore oilfield sectors. The expertise and experience these personnel will bring to GPS will only increase the chances of success for any project and limit the risk associated with any project.

This acquisition is GPS implementing a business model focused on developing and expanding a sustainable resource capability to support the offshore oilfield diving and marine construction industries. These specialists within these sectors will be committed to providing project management, proficiency with technical matters, and offshore underwater excellence prevalent in the rapidly expanding oil and gas industry.

GATE Premier Solutions is an oil and gas staffing company based in The Woodlands, Texas. GPS has devoted staffing professionals to fulfill the demands of recruiting in the oil and gas industry. Our company is dedicated to safety, customer service, and the quality of the people we provide.

GATE Premier Solutions Headquarters:

25211 Grogan’s Mill Rd. Suite 240

The Woodlands, Texas 77380

Source: GATE Premier Solutions, Inc.

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