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Consulting Services

The Kane Kompany provides consulting services in the following areas:

Platform Repairs

  • Design wet welded and clamped structural repairs
  • Prepare project costs and work procedures
  • Provide American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspectors

Non-Destructive Testing and Platform Inspection

  • Prepare inspection procedures and specifications
  • Specify non-destructive testing methods for structural inspection
  • Collect and analyze inspection data; prepare final inspection report
  • Provide offshore company inspectors

Underwater Pipeline Repair and Installation

  • Recommend repair method
  • Evaluate clamps and specify repair clamps
  • Write work scope and procedures for the project
  • Estimate cost of pipeline repairs
  • Provide offshore company inspectors

Platform Removal

  • Evaluate removal methods and lifting requirements
  • Write Technical Specifications

  • Estimate cost for removal

  • Provide project management and offshore inspectors

Computer Services

  • AutoCAD drawing capabilities
  • Utilizing Adobe Acrobat for reports
  • Platform inspection and as built reports on CD Rom


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